Diva’s Not So Sure

Who was it that said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”? I’m not sure they would have been so famous if they had tried the DivaCup. A few hours after writing my last post, I had to empty the cup for the night. Why I didn’t just wait until evening, we’re not sure! I was already tender “downstairs” from the earlier procedure, but I couldn’t leave it in more than 12 hours, so out it had to come.

(Warning: things might get graphic!)

Equipped with willpower and determination, I shut myself in the bathroom, bore down on the same muscles you’d use to take a dump, and fished for the grippy, pointy end of the cup. Finding it, I pulled with my fingers and pushed with my muscles, while trying to stay relaxed (yeah, right!). I ran into the same problem as earlier: the widest part of the cup, the top rim, was making a seal with the narrowest part of me, the entrance to my cervix. Since I’m such a newbie, I didn’t know how exactly to fix that, but the pain shooting through me shouted: “GET IT OUT!” so I knew that much at least.

At one point during the not-so-pleasant procedure, I bent over, breathing hard, wondering if I could safely and quickly get to the emergency room at the hospital, and what they would do. Surgery? Knowing that if I went that route, I’d be experiencing this nasty pain for much longer (and I’d look like a fool), I tried again, to no avail. That’s when I almost had a panic attack.

Somehow, I got through it and got it out, but there was no way I was getting it back in, not for several hours, at least.

Phew. Pain factor… barely tolerable!

Cleanup… I’m getting used to it.

Is it worth it? I really wanna believe it, but, if things remain so dang tight down there, this is not gonna be a fun game.

Uncertain Diva

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