ciao for now

In an ideal world, this wouldn’t have to happen.

ciao for now

The decision to write on this blog daily has been an exciting and creatively-stimulating part of my life over the past few months. I’ve enjoyed interacting with readers and thinking about future posts.

It is also time-consuming, and it’s time for a reality check: the four papers that I have due over the next week and a half (and have barely started) must pull rank over blogging.


My grades, however, will thank me.

I will continue to post daily “food journal” entries in the Whole30 Eats section of this site, because I made a commitment to doing that and two weeks out of a month is a significant chunk of time.

Oh, and I will be writing a post about this at some point, but I am looking for someone to be a guest blogger for Huron County {Locality} posts. I am moving out of the area in a month, and though I will still be connected, I would like to have someone else that is able to go and take pictures and interview people first-hand. Someone that is excited about what is right in their backyard, and thinks other people should know. Pass it on, ask the writers you know.

Okay, well, I guess it’s good-bye for now. Wish me luck!