Family Day Weekend means time spent with family, away from the computer

This weekend, I’m away from my computer, if you can believe it. It very rarely happens, and I didn’t intend for it to happen this weekend, but it did (I’m using the WordPress app on my phone right now).

And I’m glad.

This is Family Day weekend in Ontario, a relatively new long weekend in February. I have no idea why we needed another long weekend in the year, but here we are.

Funny thing is, every Family Day Weekend for me ends up being about, get this, family!!

Most of this weekend has been spent with my boyfriend’s family, and my family is hanging out tomorrow, on the actual day.

So, I apologize for neglecting to provide you with new, entertaining, informative, or thoughtful reading material today. But I don’t regret choosing my family over my blog.

Enjoy your family holiday, if it’s a holiday for you. Either way, I’ll be back on Tuesday. Cheers!

light the night

Locality: Light the Night in Bayfield, Ontario

It’s becoming a big week for A Transparent Life – this is the second weekly series that I have introduced!

Meet “Locality,” a series that will feature something local every week. I am from an area that is rich with heritage and culture and  talent and community and agriculture and so much more. It took leaving the country for several years and then returning for several MORE years to really appreciate all that Huron County is, but it has finally sunk in: we’re not all hicks!

For the inaugural post, I have chosen to promote an activity that is part of Family Day celebrations in a town that has come to be one of my hometowns: Bayfield, Ontario.

This is a new tradition in Bayfield, but one that I hope will continue for many years to come. Please tell your friends!

light the night

Really, who wouldn’t love a winter stroll down a quaint heritage street carrying sparklers and sipping hot chocolate?!

For the schedule of Family Day events in Bayfield, go to the website.

You can also get Family Day event updates by RSVP-ing to the event on Facebook.