What should I write about?

The WordPress advice people suggest that I should ask my readers what they would like to see on my blog, what they would be interested in reading about.

It makes sense to me, and I really would like to write about stuff that people would like to read.

So: what should I write about?

Please leave a comment letting me know which of my blog posts you appreciate most and why, or what you would like to see me write about that perhaps I haven’t touched on yet, etc.

Should I get more controversial? More deep?

Or go the opposite with tutorials and fluffy fun stuff?

I’ve tried to be balanced, but perhaps I am a two-blog woman: one with heavier issues and one with fun stuff. I don’t know.



Procrastination Strikes Again

I’ve had kind of a crappy, emotional, overwhelming day, and when I read a “wtf” comment about where my blog had gone, I was motivated to kick-start the transition.

So here it is. It’s something, at least. The design is generic, but it’s free!

And it appears as if my old posts will be imported here (one so far, from Feb 2007… who was I then, even?!), but I hardly feel free to hope.

Anyway, good news on the blog front means bad news on the homework front. Looks like me and 2 am are gonna be BFFs