Barbara Frum, a witty wordsmith. Who knew?

Barbara Frum

For a research paper on the CBC radio show As It Happens, I’m skimming former (now late) host Barbara Frum‘s book As It Happened, and I’m falling in love with her tongue-in-cheek snark:

“Thank goodness for sociology–it fills in so many of the blanks. It tells you that people in elevators get squirmy if you stare at them, that ugly people make more grateful marriage partners, that short people aren’t as tall as tall people, that Italians and Jews are inclined to holler when they’re in pain, and that people read in the bathroom to kid themselves about what they’re doing there. Were tax dollars not paying for it, I don’t think I’d mind so much. If sociologists find it stimulating to observe the obvious and the useless, who am I to quibble?”

Thanks for the Shout-Out

Maile of Daily Relish wrote the following about A Transparent Life :

OH! I almost forgot. Last night I found a REALLY good blog. You have to go check it out. Her writing is so honest, and real, and funny, and heart-warming. Someday when the minutes of my day have finished being so full, I’m going to sit and read the whole thing. Oh yes I will, just watch me. And you should too.

If she likes us, then she must be cool, too, so don’t be snobby… check out her site!