A Wee Subversion

Yesterday, while driving around The Square in my hometown, Goderich, (which is really an octagon but we love it so much we call it by a much more prestigious-sounding shape name), I noticed an anomaly on the marquee sign for the movie theatre.

Curious, I drove around The Square to see the other side…



I love that someone was able to make me stop, look, and take pictures with this little subversion. I wonder if anyone else noticed…

Remix: Crossing the Property Line

(Sarah Koopmans, MIT 2371, Prof. Jennifer Martin, March 9, 2011

Life, Love, and Film

1. Watching my Mom and her siblings let go of their father peacefully, knowing what lies ahead for him is infinitely better than what he leaves behind.

2. Friends who know your heart’s pain from across thousands of miles and call you to tell you you’re amazing when you least expect it!

3. Movies! I love them!!