Hip Hip Who Cares?

It’s 1:56 am, almost two hours into one of my life’s milestones. You guessed, a birthday. The big 2-7, not that I look it, according to people everywhere. One of the ironies of life, I suppose.

Mac Forums sent me an email congratulating me, and the Facebook team is wishing me a great day. Kind of unbelievable, isn’t it, that I haven’t met the Facebook team, and that Mac Forums isn’t even a person, and they remembered my birthday?

Better yet, I seem to have thought I’d forget my own birthday. When I checked my BlackBerry a few minutes ago, I found an alert from my calendar that said “Birthday!” and gave me the options to Open, Dismiss, or Snooze (5 min.) I chose dismiss, which brings me closer to my point.

25 was a great birthday (Norway, 90 people I didn’t know, me standing on a chair while they all sang to me a song in a language I didn’t know and clapped their hands and spun around and tweaked their noses. Yes, they were adults). The ones before that were pretty fun. On what I think was my 23rd, I innocently and inadvertently ordered a pi

In which I Unexpectedly see the Bottom of my Truck

Today was one of those days, which for me happen more often than not, in which you wake up before you should, for whatever reason, struggle to get to sleep again, only to wake up later than you’d hoped, sluggish and achy, but with ample reason to get a move on.

The getting-a-move on (which should’ve included showering, food, coffee, etc.) was distracted by my recently-acquired internet, specifically email and the all-consuming allure of Facebook. Finally, with only 20 minutes left before I was supposed to be somewhere, I dressed and got ready.

I would write about getting stuck in the parking lot, again, but, you might be able to tell from my tone, it happens a lot, which is why I have a bag of cat litter in the back of my Toyota 4Runner–one of my downstairs neighbours introduced me to its traction-lending properties. It’s now more all over the back of my truck and not so much in the bag, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Wary of the sketchy winter condition of the road I would normally take, I took a substitute, which was acceptable and safe. The trouble happened when I turned off of it on the other side, however. Only a few hundred metres onto the road, which I assumed was well-enough traveled as to melt any underlying ice, I was beginning to speed up again when I felt the wheels lose their traction under me.

I knew immediately I wouldn’t be able to regain control, but I tried anyway. “Steer into the skid” always runs through my head in such moments, not that they are plentiful, but I can’t figure out which way is into the skid. Sure enough, traction was not to be had and control not to be regained.

Before I could predict what would happen, I found myself spinning to face the direction I had come. Powerless as I was to stop the skid, momentum carried me across the (thankfully) empty opposite lane and into the snow-filled ditch on the other side, where it promptly deposited my beautiful Trixie Toyota on her passenger side. I was left hanging by my seat belt, gravity having dropped my loose belongings against the passenger door, except my BlackBerry, which, of course, I had grasped tightly throughout the whole ordeal.

The passenger window all of a sudden seemed very far below me, brownish plow-cast snow packed tight against it under the weight of the vehicle. Something took over and I knew I had to get out. Seatbelt unbuckled and feet on the frame of the passenger-side door, I tried to open the driver’s-side door, but couldn’t lift it and get myself out at the same time. Who knew doors were that heavy?!

A black-toqued man in a Jeep had been behind me, had seen the whole thing, and was now hurrying across the road towards me. With him holding the door up, I was able to hitch myself out of the car. Momentarily stunned and beginning to shake, I paused, unsure of what to do next, till he calmly directed me to slide down the roof into the snowbank on the other side. I started to cry as I followed him to his car, where he immediately began calling people to help.

My brain cleared enough to call Mo, the friend I was on my way to meet. Telling her about the ordeal that had just occurred both gave license to my emotion and helped me process it. I knew she’d come and help me with whatever I needed, but meanwhile I was in good hands. Matt, my rescuer, called a tow truck and the police, then waited and chatted with me in the warmth of his Jeep for them to arrive. Meanwhile, countless numbers of people driving by slowed to peruse the scene, or come to a full stop to ask if everyone was alright. Matt started simply nodding and pointing at me as I smiled and waved from the passenger seat. Nothing like a car in the ditch to bring out the concerned citizens of the H.C.!

The police officer arrived first, and led me to his car to wait for the tow truck. The way things proceeded, I didn’t get the chance to thank Matt and shake his hand. I hope I get the chance to thank him properly someday. Maybe I’ll track him down and offer him and his wife fish and chips at The Brew’n Arms.

It’s so odd to see the bottom side of something as large as a truck facing you, especially one you’ve had for only a couple of weeks. I felt strangely protective and concerned. I did have a great view of my spare tire, though, which I was previously unaware of!

When Trix was hauled out, she was running fine and only showed a few dings along her right side, which was incredible for what had happened. Still, Tow Dude Steve and Mr. OPP thought it best that I get it towed directly to the garage for a check-up, just in case. Mr. OPP very considerately drove me to my destination, after writing down the particulars of coming for Fish ‘n’ Chips at TBA.

Mo was surprised to find that I was still willing to sing with her when I arrived late to the lunch event she had invited me to. Sing I did, however, heartened by whatever adrenaline seems to drive me in the wake of a crisis.

If flipping my car was the most unexpected event of the day, certainly the most intriguing (though expected it was not) was finding the woman who had taught me half of Grade 5 and all of Grade 6 sitting on the other side of Mo. Ironically enough, it was in her class, during one of the many music hours she made us participate in, that the student sitting beside me turned to me and matter-of-factly stated, “You know you can’t sing, right?” “Yeah”, I replied.

Over 12 hours later, I am driving a car rented from the garage, while Trixie awaits a full inspection of her driveability. I expect to bring her home tomorrow. I was blessed to in Mo’s care for the rest of the afternoon and evening, a treatment complete with tea and cookies and dry socks, not to mention the delicious and inspiring dinner.

Today I am thankful for cushioning snowbanks, kind strangers, cops that expect spin-outs in this weather, the gift of music, good food, and for friends. And today I join the ranks of those who are wishing for spring to come as soon as possible!

Landing in Winter Wonder

Very unsafely on my way to work a few days ago, with my delectable new BlackBerry, I took these winter scenery photos.

Don’t they give you a sense of something impending? A bit of a pregnant tingle that at first glance looks bleak but keeps you coming back for another view.

Those trees are deep, their stories not fully told. The snow resting upon them is both a weight and a comfort. A hush is the only sound you expect, till a weak branch suddenly snaps under its glistening burden. The sky is bearing in on the trees, but still they stand.

Me, too.


Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m nesting.

Yes, it may be addictive, and perhaps there is no way to get it completely out of your system, but I have to find some way to deal! To me, it makes sense: I’m 26. I thought I’d be long married by now, or at least have a degree!

I lived away from mommy for most of six years, then moved back in for 10 months, after which I moved a few minutes away, in with friends. Mommy agrees that living with her again isn’t something she expects her kids to do well. Phew.

The friends have been great. Very tolerant and flexible. But how long would you really like to have your wife’s friend living just over the wall from your bedroom? Coming in late and sleeping in late? Paying you next to nothing? Honestly, we’re good. But I don’t want to push it, and besides, I want to nest!

Please, can I? Have my own little corner of the world? Where I’m the only one responsible? Be able to spread out into the kitchen and the living room, too?

The possibility of loneliness comes to mind. There is something about someone caring whether you come in at night or not that helps to calm the mind. So I’ve thought about maybe getting a pet. That’s complicated, too, because I’m not really a cat person, but dogs need more attention than I’ll be able to give them, I think!

So I’m looking for my corner. If you see it, let me know.

the flies are lethargic but i had a wonderful day

Today was an unexpectedly wonderful solitary restful holiday day. Who could have imagined, after getting (or taking) only a handful of chances to hit the beach all summer, that I would be able to enjoy its inspirational warmth and beauty on the day after Thanksgiving?!

I got up late (again) and rushed to my massage appointment. I feel like I wrote that as if massage appointments are part of my regular life, but they

The Turkey, The Tension, and the Giving of Thanks


Happy (Christmas) Easter

When I was a kid and Easter Sunday felt like the first day of Spring, I loved sunrise services. I would carefully pick an outfit that looked as “Spring-y” as possible, which meant it was mostly yellow, green, pink, or white. I would be excited about wearing only a sweater over my dress instead of a winter coat.

To this day, the thought of greeting the sun on a warm-ish Easter Sunday morning evokes excitement. A day in which people are gathered in celebration, all over the world! A day full of surprises, bright colours, good food, and family.

This morning, what I’m excited about is seeing my neices this afternoon, and playing with them, albeit indoors. Salome bossing Jaida around, stealing books right out of her hand and asking Auntie Sarah to read them to her. Or grabbing my hand to lead me to her room, where I’ll sit listening to her jabber on and on about very amusing topics that are too advanced for Auntie Sarah to fully understand, duh. Then, of course, there will be another book to read. Then another, then another, then another, till I’ve read all of the books in their possession five times each. Jaida will happily toddle around with her recently discovered walking skills, charming us all with her smile and patient personality.

This morning is the fourth day of what I like to call Winter: Recharged. Snow has not stopped falling for four days straight, and there are no signs of it letting up! Needless to say, I didn’t hear of any sunrise services being planned for this, my first Easter at home in Canada in six years. Apparently I didn’t pray hard enough for snow at Christmas and sun at Easter, because the Big Weatherman In the Sky seems to have gotten them mixed up (no, not a slam against God’s abilities, but a joke; laugh with me now).

Happy Easter, anyway. May your day be filled with laughter and good food and cracked, dyed eggs leaving stains all around your house because the kids can’t hide them outdoors.

On Trial: Spring

Yes, it smells delightfully like spring.

Yes, it’s much easier to drive without piles of snow, ice and slush on the roads.

Yes, we all love coming out of our winter hibernation to enjoy the newfound warmth in the air.

Yes, our kids are much more eager to get their ration of fresh air and Vitamin D.


After living in tropical countries for several winter seasons, I have been very eager to experience a good, solid, brutal Canadian winter (did that ever actually happen in Huron County??). Seeing as how winter didn’t actually start ’til about the middle of January, I’m not ready for it to be over!

I’m not ready for the muddy wetness associated with all of the snow melting.

I’m not ready to put away the boots and coat that I spent decent money on this season because I hadn’t needed them for years.

I’m not ready to give up on the prospect of going sledding, snowball fighting, skating, snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboarding, none of which I pursued during those almost two months of winter we’ve had (reason not apparent).

I’m not ready to have to shave my legs regularly simply because skirt and short weather is just around the corner.

Whatever Wiarton Willie or your local shadow-spying groundhog “predicted” this year, I’m making a counter-prediction, or perhaps a demand: winter is NOT over ’til the winter-deprived lady says so. That’s me.

So what if I also enjoy the spring-laden air and being able to go out without ten layers on… I can wait at least another month!

Winter, come back!!

Yummy: Tunes, Timing, Tea

1. Starfield. I’ve had the Tumbling After album for several months now, but just started to really appreciate it recently. So much down-to-earth truth in those lyrics, plus catchy tunes I want to hear over and over again. Definitely soul music.

2. Snow. It started falling in earnest yesterday afternoon, and my prediction that the ground would be covered by nightfall proved correct. And the fact that it was falling while I had the Christmas tunes playing, a yummy candle burning, and while putting the decorations on the tree was just PERFECTO! God is cool.

3. Chai tea. No, I’m not addicted to caffeinated everything. Just the best of those. I just downed a homemade latte, made with half milk and half chai tea concentrate, heated in the microwave. Mmmmm good. Also the highlight of many Starbucks visits! God bless those people who invented the stuff! They should be given a lot of money.

Creativity, expectation, and technology

1. Being creative – a friend and I did a card-making marathon last night and then again this morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell them tomorrow at a big craft show. I might be sick of Christmas cards by the time December rolls around and might even end up buying my own, but I sure am being creative now!

2. Anticipating Christmas… everytime I look at my cards, I start singing a Christmas song – I just can’t help it! I love the anticipation of the food, the gifts, the surprises, the decorations, the music, the busyness even!

3. My laptop. Plain and simple. My white Mac G4 still serves me very well and I fall more in love with it as the days go by.