Yummy: Tunes, Timing, Tea

1. Starfield. I’ve had the Tumbling After album for several months now, but just started to really appreciate it recently. So much down-to-earth truth in those lyrics, plus catchy tunes I want to hear over and over again. Definitely soul music.

2. Snow. It started falling in earnest yesterday afternoon, and my prediction that the ground would be covered by nightfall proved correct. And the fact that it was falling while I had the Christmas tunes playing, a yummy candle burning, and while putting the decorations on the tree was just PERFECTO! God is cool.

3. Chai tea. No, I’m not addicted to caffeinated everything. Just the best of those. I just downed a homemade latte, made with half milk and half chai tea concentrate, heated in the microwave. Mmmmm good. Also the highlight of many Starbucks visits! God bless those people who invented the stuff! They should be given a lot of money.

The Perfect Day

1. Getting lots accomplished, whether at home or at work. If I don’t get at least one or a few significant tasks accomplished in a day, I feel as if it is wasted. Significant tasks include: dishes, laundry, emails, phone calls, visits with friends.

2. Reading, reading, reading. If the world were a library, I’d live on the fiction shelf, gobbling up everything in sight. I’d occasionally meander over to the non-fiction section, but only for things that have cool covers, come highly recommended, or are by authors that you can’t go wrong with, such as C.S. Lewis.

3. Coffee. Latt