Revealed: Red for the Redhead

Today’s post is an extension of yesterday’s: a reveal of the “secret” hair colour that Natali from Expressions Hair Design gave me yesterday: I’m a redhead again!


You may remember from my Valentine’s Day post that Johnathan and I were celebrating Valentine’s last night instead of Tuesday because of my midterms. Hence the “secret” colour: I had to wait to reveal it to John before I could share it with the blog-o-sphere.

When we met, I had red hair. Of all the colours I’ve had in the last few years, red was Johnathan’s favourite, and more than once he has asked me about going red again. I always protested, arguing that it’s too finicky to maintain and tends to be expensive as well. But I always secretly wanted to go red again, too.

Red 7-778
Red 7-778

So, I gave us both a surprise gift for Valentine’s: flaming copper locks.

Under the Granny dryer
Under the Granny dryer

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