At Long Last…

…ALL of my A Transparent Life blogs are now here on the new site!

You probably don’t remember, but earlier this year, I switched from a to a site, because I realized I didn’t need any fancy hosting packages, and I didn’t know how to run my site, and it was horribly out of date, and blah, blah, blah.

I spent weeks trying to export the blogs (my virtual archive), with little success. That’s why, in case you ever noticed or cared, only a couple of my blogs made it in the transfer.

Then things got busy and I forgot that I actually had figured it out, with the help of a WP employee.

So there really is no reason that I had continued to pay all that money for hosting an unused archive. ::sigh::

I’m still figuring out how to kill that old site once and for all, but the important thing is: all the good stuff is here!

Blog over.

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