mitZine Vol. 11, Issue 5. April 2012. Article "Real Food: An Exercise in Subjective Ethics". Page 23.

Fresh Ink: “Real Food: An Exercise in Subjective Ethics”

real food

The final issue of this year’s mitZine (alternative student publication I contribute to) hit stands today, and you can find my article about the ethics of real food on page 23: April issue of the mitZine.

Oh, and PS, I got an honourable mention for contributor of the year, two years in a row. I’ll take it!

honourable mention

Profficer: The Badge & The Briefcase

Fresh Ink: Professor + Officer = Profficer

Every month or two, I get the chance to write a story for my faculty’s student publication, the mitZine. It’s staffed with talented writers, editors, and illustrators, and it’s a privilege to see my work with theirs on the pages of one of Western’s alternative voices.

For this month’s issue, I wanted to write about a professor that taught a course that’s in my top 5 so far, “Police & the Media“. His name is Michael Arntfield, and he is both a professor of criminology and media studies and a full-time Detective-Constable with the London Police. His experience and insight, because of those two careers, is rare, and fascinating.

But, rather than reiterate my whole article, here it is so you can read it yourself. Or, download the whole mitZine issue from Scribd (my article is on page 10).

Profficer: The Badge & The Briefcase

Professor Arntfield, as I know him, is building a website that will link interested citizens with his work. Check out the work in progress at